Anytrax Telephone Reporting is available for offenders who demonstrate a low risk/ need, as well as, for offenders who reside outside of the Commonwealth of PA and are not eligible for transfer under the Interstate Compact. Certain criteria must be met in order to be approved for Anytrax reporting. Currently, felony convictions, drug offenses, Court ordered specialty supervision, and offenders with prior violent felony convictions are excluded from participating in Anytrax.

AnyTrax Self Report allows offenders to check-in by telephone to report compliance with probation/parole conditions. Compliance with the conditions of the court, combined with timely check-ins and clear, honest responses to all questions reduces or eliminates the need for reporting in person, improves communication and saves time.

Anytrax Information Sheet

Offender Information
Offenders are required to phone in once per month (typically on the day of their birth). Anytrax will ask a series of pre-programmed questions and give messages. An offender is required to respond to all questions and listen to all messages. The Anytrax Coordinator reviews and reacts to the responses as necessary. Failure to comply with court conditions or with Anytrax check-ins could result in removal from the program.