In-Home Services

Parenting education, emotional support, counseling, referral, as well as linkage to community agencies are the primary services provided by the In-Home Services Unit of the Agency The goal of this service is to protect children living in their homes from child abuse and neglect, ensure their safety, and maintain and strengthen their family life.

Protective Services

Protective Services is on-going casework and casework and case management directed toward the safety and protection of children. Counseling, education, and referral are the main facets of this service. Additional services (e.g. child welfare day care, parenting programs, day treatment) may also be purchased from community agencies.

Life Skills Education

Life Skills Education is a specialized in-home service providing educational guidance and information on positive parenting techniques and child development. Basic life skills are also addressed: budgeting, nutrition, and household management

Intensive Brief Services

Intensive Brief Services are available for children at risk of placement. Family Preservation services and Intensive Family Support Services are 90-day programs that provide intensive support and/or intervention to families in crisis.

Reunification Services

Reunification Services are intensive services utilized to reduce the duration of out-of-home placements. Reunification workers provide services to return children to their families and then to continue intensive services in order to reduce recidivism.

Child & Adolescent Services

Child and Adolescent Services Team provides intense brief supportive services to families involved with the County Juvenile Probation office. The program assists in improving family functioning and in reducing the risk of placement for the child.