Info Sheets

The ADC’s Inventory Partnership Committee is developing data sheets on a variety of agricultural topics to assess agriculture’s contribution to Chester County’s economy and landscape. The Inventory Partnership Committee is made up of representatives from the Brandywine Conservancy, Chester County Conservation District, Chester County Economic Development Council, Chester County Open Space Department, Chester/Delaware Farm Bureau, New Bolton Center, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), Penn State Cooperative Extension, and USDA Farm Service Agency.

2012 Ag Census Info Sheet
Currently Chester County’s agricultural industry is very stable, losing only a few of the total farms from the previous Ag Census. In addition, we have retained most of our farmland, having only lost 1 percent of farmland acreage from 2007. The mushroom and dairy industries continue to be a leading agricultural sectors in the county.

To learn more about the ag census, please view the Census of Agriculture Info Sheet.

Field Crops Info Sheet
About 24 percent of the total land area in Chester County is used to grow field crops. This significant land use helps maintain the underpinnings of our agricultural industry. Our crops are generally grown for the purpose of producing animal feed, but they support and are used in other agricultural sectors, such as the mushroom and equine industries, as well.

To learn more about field crops in the county, please view the Field Crops in Chester County Info Sheet.

Mushroom Info Sheet
Chester County is the Mushroom Capital of the world and mushrooms are the top vegetable crop in the County. The County’s approximately 60 mushroom farms contribute an estimated $2.17 billion to the local economy including sales, farm employment, taxes paid by farms, and the value of service industries that support mushroom farms. (Source: 2008 Penn State Economic Impact Study)

To learn more about Chester County's thriving mushroom industry, please view the Mushroom Info Sheet.

Dairy Info Sheet
Dairy is one of Pennsylvania’s largest agricultural industries (and PA ranks 5th in the nation for dairy) with value of sales estimating almost $2 billion (2012 Ag Census). Chester County farms rank sixth in dairy revenue generation in Pennsylvania with at total farm revenue in 2012 of approximately $73 million, representing about 12% of the value of total agricultural products sold in the County.

To learn more about the dairy industry in the county please view the Dairy Info Sheet.