Chester County Water Resources Authority

What We Do

We provide:
  • flood protection, 
  • reservoir water supplies, and
  • water science, information and planning, to support safe, healthy and prosperous communities that sustain the quality, quantity and biodiversity of the County's water resources.
Today's Water Levels

What's New

  • New FEMA Floodplain Maps Available for Chester County (



    Maps in 

    Effect 9/29/2017

    • 2017 Municipal Stormwater Summit & FEMA Flood Resiliency Meeting - AGENDA      When: 8:30 to NOON on September 28, 2017; Registration begins at 8 AM with light refreshments and takes place at the Chester County Public Safety Campus, 137 Modena Road, Coatesville, PA. Intended audience: municipal staff, engineers, and elected officials. FREE and no need to pre-register.
    • Portions of Chester County were re-studied by FEMA and floodplain maps have been updated and finalized. Property owners in or near the floodplain should obtain information regarding how the new FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) may affect flood insurance requirements and costs for their property.   
    • Property owners who may be newly designated in the floodplain may be eligible to receive a discount on their new policy, if purchased prior to the maps going final on September 29, 2017.                           
    • To determine if your property may be affected, please check FEMA's index and see if your property is in a municipality where FEMA made changes to the floodplain boundary. You can look here at the Municipal List.
    • Property owners can view the changes made to the FEMA floodplain maps on an interactive map: (includes new base flood elevations). Also, view a simple map that shows only the new FEMA 100-year floodplain here  (effective 9/29/2017)
    • To view a detailed map with flood zones and the parcel boundaries, please visit ChescoViews. Launch "ChescoViews". Click on "Find" to enter your address. Click on "TOC" and click on the "Flood Risk Mapping" to see the FEMA floodplain boundaries (effective 9/29/2017)
    • Download preliminary static maps (effective 9/29/2017) and database from the FEMA Map Service Center website (search by address and then click on "show all products"). 
    • In addition, all municipalities in the NFIP program must revise their floodplain ordinance, submit for PA DCED approval, adopt it, and then submit to PA DCED for final FEMA approval  - all steps must completed PRIOR to when the maps become effective - SEPTEMBER 29, 2017. 
    • Contact Dani-Ella Betz from Chester County Water Resources Authority at 610-344-5400 or with any questions or if you need assistance using the online map tools.
  • Bathymetric Map of Chambers Lake at Hibernia County Park
    • bathymetric map has been prepared for Chambers Lake at Hibernia County Park. The map illustrates the depth and shape of the underwater terrain of the lake bed of Chambers Lake, which is a 90-acre, 384 million gallon water supply reservoir and regional flood control facility of the Chester County Water Resources Authority.
  • Planned Habitat Enhancement Project at Barneston Dam
    • This Project, funded entirely by the Ruffed Grouse Society, will enhance, protect, and manage American Woodcock habitat through native plantings and controlling the spread of undesirable invasive plant species. A fact sheet provides additional details.
  • New USGS Report on Chester County Trends Now Available
  • visual snapshot of current precipitation, groundwater and streamflow conditions for Chester County is presented through a set of color graphs and maps, with links to additional online webpages for more detailed information.
  • Interactive Online Water Resources Mapping Tools Available
    • The Online Water Maps Gallery provides “self-serve” maps of Chester County’s streams and lakes, watersheds, protected water uses, impairments/pollutants (2014), FEMA floodplains, soils, Urbanized Areas (2000 and 2010), etc. Both PDF maps and interactive map tools are provided, as are links for available GIS data files.
  • Chester County Master Watershed Stewards 2017 
    • Master Watershed Stewards are local volunteers who received extensive training on watershed science and management. Upon completion, these apprentices each provide 50 hours of service in the community. If you have a volunteer opportunity that you would like to promote, please contact Liz Alakszay: with the subject line "2017 Master Watershed Training". This program is co-sponsored by Penn State Extenstion, Chester County Conservation District and Chester County Water Resources Authority.
  • Volunteer Opportunity: Participate in the Volunteer Rainfall Observer Network
    • Volunteers are responsible for taking readings of a rain gage daily and after significant precipitation events, manually recording the readings, and submitting the log on a monthly basis by email or postal mail. CCWRA compiles the data for analysis, and the updated results are posted on the CCWRA website. The volunteer is committed to recording - on a daily basis - accurate measurements, and able to consistently participate for years. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at 610-344-5400.

Upcoming Events

October 10, 2017     9:00 AM to 2:30, with optional stormwater tour to follow
VUSP PA Stormwater Management Symposium: Municipal Workshop
Part of Villanova's stormwater conference, the Municipal Workshop focuses on topics of interest to municipal staff and elected officials. The theme this year is "Beyond Regulations: Motivating Community Participation in Stormwater Reduction". Registration is required and the cost is $50.

October 11 and 12, 2017     Save-the-Date
VUSP PA Stormwater Management Symposium
Villanova's 2-day technical stormwater symposium takes place every other year to advance the knowledge of sustainable stormwater management. This year's theme is Resilient Stormwater Systems. Registration is now open. 

Right-To-Know Information

Click here for the Chester County Water Resources Authority's Right-To-Know information. This is solely for requests to the Chester County Water Resources Authority. Any requests intended for the County of Chester must follow the procedures posted on the County Of Chester's Open Records Law web page (click here).