What's New?

2016/17 Hunting & Fishing Licenses Available

New Pricing this season. Effective June 1, 2016, the electronic processing fee charged by the State for each transaction will increase by $0.20.  For example, a doe license that used to cost $6.70 will now cost $6.90. Use the links on the left to see up-to-date information regarding current Licenses, Permits, and Schedules available through our office.

2016 Dog Licenses

Don't Forget... A current year license is required to board your dog while you leave on vacation this summer, license your dog today!

Taxes can be paid at any DNB First branch
All tax bills from the Treasurer's Office may be paid in person at any Chester County branch of DNB First (Downingtown National Bank). Bank locations are located here.

Online Payments
If you are using your bank’s online bill pay system to send us your tax payment, you MUST change your account number to match this year’s invoice number. The invoice number is unique to each bill and must be updated every year. Each invoice must have a separate check in order to be processed properly.

If you prefer to make one payment for multiple parcels, you may pay using an e-check, for a flat $1.50 fee through our website.

Municipal Tax Collection

Chester County will now collect Real Estate Taxes for 12 Municipalities