Register of Wills / Orphans' Court

Terri Clark

Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans' Court

201 W Market Street, Suite 2200
West Chester, PA 19380-0989
Ph: 610-344-6335
Fx: 610-344-6218

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Estate Probates, Marriage Licenses, 
and Filings
of Accounts for 
Audit are accepted for filing until 4 p.m.

All other filings are to be filed in the office by 4:15 p.m.
in order to be processed the same day.


What's New

Accepting Credit and Debit Cards for Payment of Office Fees
The Register of Wills and the Clerk of the Orphans' Court is now accepting credit and debit cards for the payment of all office fees excluding payments for Inheritance Taxes.  The office accepts payments from MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.  In addition to the cost of the office fee the payment processing company charges a convenience fee of 2.25% of the total amount paid or a $2.00 minimum to the cardholders who use this service.    
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New Fees

The Register of Wills is now charging a $10.00 fee for the filing of the Certification of Notice under Pennsylvania Orphans' Court Rule 10.5 and a $15.00 fee for the filing of the Status Report under Rule 10.6 of the Pennsylvania Orphans' Court Rules. Both of these fees are a one time fee charged at the time of the Petition for Probate and Grant of Letters.

New Orphans' Court Rules
The new Pennsylvania Supreme Court Orphans’ Court Rules and the new Chester County Orphans’ Court Local Rules became effective on September 1, 2016.  Click on the links below to view the new Supreme Court Orphans’ Court Rules and the new Chester County Orphans’ Court Local Rules as well as the Index to Appendix for the Forms adopted by the Supreme Court.  Please note that due to Supreme Court Rule 1.8 and Rule 10.1, this office will only accept the forms approved by the Supreme Court after September 1, 2016.  Wherever a Supreme Court approved form exists, no other form will be accepted.  The Supreme Court approved forms can be obtained on the AOPC's website by clicking here or on our website under the Forms & Documents Section.  

Supreme Court and Chester County Orphans Court Rules

Index to Appendix - Orphans Court and Register Forms

Offsite Services

The Clerk of the Orphans' Court will go to hospices, nursing facilities, hospitals, and private homes to execute legal documents pertaining to marriage licenses and notarizing power-of-attorneys for those not ambulatory or in their last stages of life. Please send all written requests to our office or email the requests to the Clerk of the Orphans' Court at In your request please provide your name, phone number, address, and explanation of the medical conditions.

Orphans' Court Mediation Program

The Chester County Orphans' Court is administering a Mediation Program that is intended to provide the participant prompt convenient access to dispute resolution proceedings that are fair, confidential, effective, and cost far less than a court proceeding. In many cases, mediation may allow the parties to reach agreements that will suit them much better than a court decision, and may promote healing of strained family relationships. Please click here for a brochure to learn more about this Program and to find out how to get started.

Photo ID Requirement

All Petitioners opening an estate need to provide Photo I.D. at the time they submit the Petition for Probate and Grant of Letters.

New Functionality for Fill-in Forms

All fill-in forms on this website, created and provided by the Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans' Court and identified with the blue pencil have been updated with new functionality. With this new functionality these forms can be completed online, printed AND saved with the data entered on the user’s computer. Once saved the data on the form may be modified at any time before final submission, if necessary.

The Inheritance Tax Forms, created and provided by the PA Inheritance Tax Department, have also been modified with this new functionality. The link to these forms is on our website in the left navigation panel under Related Links.

Fill-in forms on this website, created and provided by the AOPC, have not been modified at this time. These forms are fill-in ONLY and can be printed but not saved. These forms are identified with a red pencil .

Electronic Filing Services provided by the Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans' Court

The office of the Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans’ Court is accepting the filing of certain documents electronically by fax or email. An electronically filed document must be signed, dated and executed as though it were the original, in accordance with the applicable filing requirements. The document will be file-stamped with the date the electronic transmission is received and entered into the docket as though it were the original.

Electronic Transmission Options
  • Fax 610-344-6218: The “fax confirmation” is your electronic receipt.
  • Email: The “request a read/delivery receipt” response is your electronic receipt.
The electronic receipt will serve as proof that the document has been accepted for filing. 

The following documents are accepted for filing electronically:
  • Guardian Inventory 
  • Guardian of the Person Report 
  • Guardian of the Estate Report 
  • Estate Status Report - Form 10.6
  • Estate Certification of Notice - Form 10.5
  • Estate Inventory 
  • Attorney’s Entry of Appearance 
  • Affidavit of Proof of Deposit of Minor’s Funds 
  • Motion for Continuance of a Court Scheduled Event
Legal Advice & Information Disclaimer 
The Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court frequently receive requests for assistance in preparing and/or filing forms required for a particular matter. The Register of Wills, Clerk of the Orphans’ Court and staff are not permitted to offer opinions, directions or instructions on any matter that may be construed as legal advice. The Register of Wills provides, as required, many of the forms needed for Estate administration, including the Inheritance Tax Return. The offering of these forms is not a statement that no other forms are necessary or that those provided must be completed in every instance.

The Clerk of the Orphans’ Court, acting as a conduit for the Court, accepts filings for Orphans’ Court matters. The Court, in accordance with Federal, State and Local rules and statutes, determines the correctness of the filings.

The Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court have prepared the information provided on this website. Nothing contained herein is intended to be legal advice or to offer any opinion of the legal remedies available or appropriate in any particular circumstance. It is hoped that the information presented will merely be useful in answering frequently asked questions concerning the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court.