Effective May 01, 2017 Chester County Prison will no longer be accepting any shipments from Amazon.

The prison's telephone service has been restored. We are now able to receive incoming calls. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, inmate visitation may be canceled with little or no notice. We recommend calling the Prison prior to coming for a visit when weather conditions have caused other public service cancellations

There maybe times due to health concerns of a “pandemic nature” that the Prison will be forced to alter and/or cancel inmate visitations. More Information 

Inmate Financial Responsibility

Inmates will be charged an $85 booking/processing fee. This fee will be assessed to an inmate’s account upon initial commitment. An initial commitment includes, but is not limited to, an inmate’s entry to the Prison on criminal charges (felony, misdemeanor and/or summary offenses), violation of the terms and conditions of probation/parole, violation of bail rules and regulations and whenever the inmate is issued an inmate ID number. There will be no additional booking/processing fee for an inmate after initial commitment with an existing ID number. However, if an inmate is officially discharged from the Prison and is subsequently recommitted, reactivating his or her inmate ID number, a new booking/processing fee will be assessed.

If an inmate does not have sufficient funds in their account at the time of commitment, a negative account balance will be created. If an inmate has a negative balance due to unpaid booking/processing fees, they will not be eligible to participate in Commissary and Block Phone access until the fees are paid in full. All financial transactions will be made through the Inmate Accounts Department.