Sheriff's Real Estate Sales

Sales are held on the third Thursday of every month with the exception of December. All sales are held at 11:00am in Room 3300 at the Chester County Justice Center. For more information, email

Preparation and processing of legal documents for Sheriff's Sale comply with Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure


2015 Sales
Date of Sale  Properties For Sale
1/15/2015 January Addendum
2/19/2015  February Addendum
3/19/2015 March  Addendum
4/16/2015 April Addendum
5/21/2015 May Addendum
6/18/2015 June Addendum
7/16/2015 July Addendum
8/20/2015 August Addendum
9/17/2015 September Addendum
10/15/2015 October  Addendum
11/19/2015 November Addendum
2014 Sales
1/16/2014  January Addendum
2/20/2014  February Addendum
3/20/2014 March Addendum
4/17/2014  April Addendum
5/15/2014 May Addendum
6/19/2014 June Addendum
7/17/2014 July Addendum
8/21/2014 August Addendum
9/18/2014 September Addendum
10/16/2014  October Addendum
11/20/2014 November Addendum

No December Sales