DCD is committed to meaningful results that will help gauge our progress in reaching goals set within our adopted plans.
Because we must be responsible for and transparent in our investments, we use evaluation to help us:
  • Focus our funding efforts
  • Improve program implementation
  • Track advancement toward our outcomes

Evaluating Recipients of DCD Funding

Evaluation begins with the grant application and review process so that applicants can start work with the final outcomes in mind. The evaluation process benefits applicants by providing:
  • A clear statement of purpose
  • Focus on programmatic goals
  • A mechanism to identify mid-program corrections, if needed
The evaluations should also be a helpful tool for DCD-funded organizations to measure their own work. Progress reports are required, at a minimum, quarterly and are compiled to submit a final summary of measurable results at the end of the grant lifecycle. DCD will make every effort to work with recipients of funding to develop realistic and mutually agreed-upon goals and milestones.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria Submitted proposals are evaluated based on the following components:
  • Statement of Need
  • Program Management & Organizational Capacity
  • Program Design & Service Strategy 
  • Performance Management
A team of reviewers will score and rank proposals based on the above criteria. If necessary, the review team will conduct a site visit of specific proposals. The evaluation process culminates with a review discussion and a selection of funding recommendations that will be presented to the Chester County Board of Commissioners, who make the final selections. It is important to note that proposals selected for funding must comply with the eligibility guidelines of that program - Federal, State or County. These requirements are described in the Instructions & Guidelines of each grant application.