Black Rock Interpretive Trail

The .80 mile Interpretive Trail is designed to be accessible and educational. The time you spend will depend on your pace and the areas you explore.

An average hiker may take 30 minutes to walk the loop.

The stations along the trail reinforce the interactions that take place in an ecosystem.

Station A: Introduction
Obtain general information, site timeline and suggestions for your visit.

Station B: Habitat World
Identify habitat components, understand how habitats are formed and named, and how to provide a backyard habitat for wildlife.

Station C: Geo World
Discover the three major types of rocks and become a rock detective. Learn about the Black Rock region’s geological history and examine the shale.

Station D: Amphibian World
Discover the double life of the animals who spend life partially on land and partially in water. Match their lifecycle with the changing seasons.

Station E: Plant World
See how plants produce food and provide shelter for wildlife. Match plants with the proper ecosystem, animal habitat, and river edge or pond.

Station F: Bird World
Match birds from the same family based on their feet and beaks. Discover how birds use their feet to move about their habitat, and what they eat based on their beak.

Station G: Meadow World
Compare a meadow habitat versus a lawn.

Signs located around the Black Rock Trail
A large sign by a bridge