The County of Chester offers many quality internship opportunities for relevant job experience. No compensation is provided.
Geographic Information Services (GIS)

Students majoring in Computer Science, Geography, GIS or related fields are invited to inquire. Positions are offered throughout the school year and during summer months. Work hours are scheduled around your class schedule and are generally 10-20 hours per week. Responsibilities include GPS data collection and post processing, map creation, research, public assistance, special projects and other duties as needed. Students will have the opportunity to work with current ESRI products, including ArcGIS Online for Organizations.

The successful candidate must possess
good communication, analytical, and teamwork skills, good customer service skills, knowledge of GIS or other relevant experience, strong work ethic,be flexible and willing to learn. No previous experience is required, but you must have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.

For more information: email Stacey Sekkes. A resume must accompany application This is an unpaid internship. Academic credit is available. 

Adult Probation

Internships can be a valuable asset to our Department while providing a practical education in probation and parole to students. The placement, by its nature, is not a highly structured experience: it is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of the Department, its clientele, and the student. 

Student interns are regarded as professionals during the placement and are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. This includes being able to identify their developmental needs, and to adhere to the conduct of professional ethics. 

Most internships are in the Supervision Units, working with Probation/Parole Officers as they perform their normal duties. While this is the most common placement, a limited number of internships are possible in special program or research related areas. Arrangements will be handled on an individual basis between the student and the Department. Any special interests, needs or limitations should be noted at the time formal application for placement is made.  

Each assignment may vary. The following are various tasks that may be assigned:

  General travel and observation of Probation and Parole Officers 

  Small caseload responsibility 

  Initial interviewing

  Observation of hearings

  Assist with classification process

  Assist with pre-parole investigations

  Assist with special investigations

  Assist with pre-sentence investigations

  Completion of surveys, research, etc.

  Assist in other administrative duties

All interns will report to a Probation/Parole Officer Mentor. The mentor will be responsible for providing necessary guidance and support during the placement, and will also give the intern a department orientation. 

While the Department attempts to offer a broad range of activities to student interns, there are limitations imposed by law, regulation or potential danger. These may include restrictions on participation in arrests, use of client-related data for research, etc. Students shall not add or alter any conditions of supervision. Students are not permitted to make any case decisions without the approval of the officer to whom the case is assigned. 

All students requesting a placement must complete the Application for Student Internship. Applications must be submitted to Wendy Baigis, Student Intern Coordinator.
Public Health

Chester County Health Department internships provide students with practical education and a real-life work experience. Throughout the year, we provide both credit and non-credit internship experiences to graduate and undergraduate students in a wide range of professional areas, some of which include: Program Evaluation, Health Assessment and Improvement Planning, Health Data Processing/Analysis, Epidemiology, Dietetics, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

If you are interested in an internship with the Health Department please email with the following information.

Current resume and a cover letter identifying:
Curriculum goals and learning objectives|
Internship duration (hours)
Start/End dates
Public Health area of interest.

Student internships are based upon the student’s goals, curriculum requirements and staff availability. Upon receipt, your information will be forwarded to all Health Department supervisors for consideration. Supervisors will explore potential projects that relate to the learning objectives and public health areas of interest submitted by each student. If a suitable match is identified, you will be contacted by the Program Area Manager. The Health Department does not offer a monetary allowance for these appointments.

Public Health Intern for Disease Investigation and Surveillance
Chester County Health Department seeks a dynamic, self-motivated individual to support investigations and interventions for prevention of disease.

  • Enter report data into appropriate data systems
  • Manage investigation from receipt of report, initiation of follow-up, and successful case closure.
  • Coordinate communication during disease outbreak investigations
  • Assist in notification of reporting requirements to identified partners
  • Update disease prevention tools

  • Working toward a college degree (undergraduate or graduate), preferably in a related field (e.g., Public Health, Marketing/Communications, or Public Relations)
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel skills (spreadsheet design, data analysis, ability to utilize pivot tables, and produce charts/graphs)
  • Exceptional communication skills, written and verbal
  • Self-motivated, flexible, strong organizational skills, detail-oriented
  • Ability to prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines

Student must be available to work in the office Monday-Friday 8:30 -4:30.

To apply, send a cover letter, resume to
Public Health Intern for Historical Permit Searches
The Chester County Health Department permits water and sewage systems throughout the County. County residents can requests historical copies of the permits. Volunteers are needed to fulfill these requests which require searching records using a computer and microfiche reader. Volunteers will receive hands-on training and be provided a friendly work space. Volunteers can assist weekdays, 9:00 AM-4:30 PM.
For more information about this volunteer opportunity, email
Public Health WalkWorks ChesCo! Internship
Are you a self-motivated individual interested in helping Chester County residents get active and improve their health? Join the Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention team within the Chester County Health Department as a WalkWorks ChesCo! Intern.
As an intern, you will assist with WalkWorks ChesCo!, a County-wide initiative that encourage residents to walk by creating walking opportunities, providing social support, and promoting walking challenges and events. WalkWorks ChesCo! is part of the national Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge and is based on a Pennsylvania Department of Health initiative.

This internship is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in program planning and community engagement while making a positive contribution to the health of Chester County residents. Hours are flexible; some evening and weekend hours may be required. Intern must be available to work in the Chester County Health Department office in West Chester, PA at least 2 days/week. Some project work hours may be completed off-site. Vehicle and valid driver’s license required.

Sample Responsibilities
• Develop walking routes, challenges, and events
• Conduct community outreach and presentations
• Create print materials, press releases, web content, and social media messages
• Assist with evaluating the impact of WalkWorks ChesCo! on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors
• Additional tasks and projects, as assigned
Preferred Qualifications
• Working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field
• Strong knowledge of health promotion, physical activity, and related topics
• Strong research, writing, and interpersonal skills
• Self-motivated, flexible, and organized
• Ability to prioritize and meet project deadlines
• Highly proficient with Microsoft Office Suite tools
This is an unpaid internship. This internship may be used for academic credit with appropriate paperwork. A formal recommendation will be written upon completion of this internship if performance is satisfactory.
To Apply:
Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your interest, qualifications, and internship requirements to 

Available for candidates who are currently pursuing a degree in Library Science. Internships provide the opportunity to gain practical work experience in the library field while earning academic credit. Interns will have the option to work at the Chester County Library, the Henrietta Hankin Branch, or to split their time between the two libraries. Interns will report to the Volunteer Coordinator, who will work with department managers to develop work schedules and ensure that academic requirements of the program are being met.

For a well-rounded experience which will allow interns to sample all aspects of librarianship, we recommend that interns plan on dividing their time among the following departments:

  Youth Services
  Multimedia Services
  Technical Services
  Adult Collection Development
  Jacobs Technology Center/Public Computer Areas

The number of hours spent in each area would be dependent upon the interests and focus of the intern’s academic program.

For more information: email Susan Walraed or call 610-280-3235

Pocopson Home

The Pocopson Home is ideal for music and art therapists, music performance majors and other related categories. Our population consists of all levels of cognitive and physical conditions. The age groups of the residents are from 40-103 years old. The average age is 80. The hours are flexible, but afternoons and weekends are preferable.

For more information:  Dee Stadtmiller, Director of Activities

Voter Services

Voter Services is offering internship opportunities in 2016. The Presidential Election brings a great deal of excitement, and work, to this department. Interns will perform administrative support and clerical duties as we prepare for and finalize both the Presidential Primary and the Presidential General elections.

Interns must have strong organizational, computer, and customer service skills, and work well in a fast-paced team atmosphere. Primary functions include: entering voter registration applications, answer questions of the general public about elections, preparing and processing all materials relevant to an election. Other duties as assigned.

Two internships are available within in each time frame:

    January 1 to June 1, 2016
    August 1 to December 15, 2016

Hours of internship will vary week to week, day to day but can be flexible. 50 hours per week max. Some nights and weekends will be required.

There is no interaction with children in this internship.

For more information: email Kara C. Rahn