Sheriff Real Estate Sales

Sales are held on the third Thursday of the month, January through November. There is no sale in December. All sales begin at 11:00 a.m. in Room 3300 on the third floor of the Chester County Justice Center. For additional information, please see the links below or email the Real Estate Division at

Please click HERE to search our database by month for the current status of sales, including whether they are stayed, continued, or sold. This database is updated nightly for status changes and will be updated the day after every sale to reflect purchase prices.

The links below are records of the handbills posted upon properties subject to Sheriff Sales in the listed months and years. This information reflects the original sales information for each property and is not updated. The circumstances of any individual sale may change several times prior to and after the original sale date, so for updated information regarding sale status, please click the link above.

  1. 2017 Sheriff Sales
  2. 2016 Sheriff Sales
  3. 2015 Sheriff Sales