Electronic Recording

Our office began accepting documents for electronic recording (eRecording) via the Internet in March 2006. As of March 2015 over 250,000 documents have been eRecorded in Chester County.

Becoming an eRecording Submitter

If you are interested in submitting documents electronically, please contact our eRecording partners Simplifile and Corporation Service Company (CSC).

View Simplifile's Info Sheet for instructions or visit Simplifile.

Email erecording@cscinfo.com, call 1-866-652-0111 , or  visit www.erecording.com

eRecording Requirements

eRecording Requirements

When filing eRecordings...

Please note the Document ID Number assigned as you submit your document(s) for eRecording. Please use the Document ID Number associated with your submission for subsequent matters related to that submission. In that way, confusion over what has already been recorded versus what is a new submission, will be avoided. Please Note: Any recording expenses resulting from accidentally submitting the same document more than once will be paid by the submitter. No refunds will be given. 

Limit of Ten UPI numbers per document

- A document containing more than ten UPI numbers cannot be filed via eRecording. If a document entails more than ten UPI Numbers, then the document must be submitted to our office in paper form. 

May not be e-Recorded

- Deed of Correction, Re-Recorded Deed, Statement of Value with exhibits attached


- A Deed-In-Blank (aka, "Blank Deed", "Hanging Deed") cannot be filed via eRecording. This type of deed must be submitted to our office in paper form. 

Document Types
When eRecording documents, a document type will need to be specified. 

Document Standards
When eRecording documents, our Document Standards should be observed. 

View Document Recording Requirements

eRecording Fees

A $10.00 Return Fee is due for resubmission for each document each time resubmitted.

No refund of recording fees is given for documents recorded in error by the submitter.  Any resulting re-recording expenses are paid for by the submitter.
Fee Schedule