Family Court

Family Court Administration is responsible for divorce/equitable distribution, custodyprotection from abuse, and Masters' level support. Matters of child and spousal support are handled by the Domestic Relations Office

The divorce and equitable distribution conferences and hearings, custody conferences and support hearings are held on the 5th Floor of the Chester County Justice Center. However, some hearings are scheduled before an assigned judge. All notices will indicate where parties shall report at the designated time. Parties and their lawyers should check in at Room 5402 for custody conferences, long-day support hearings, and divorce conferences and hearings. Parties and their laywers should check in at Courtroom 1 for support hearings.

Family Court is also responsible for Juvenile Court matters, including dependency and deliquency.

  • For information and questions regarding general family court matters, call 610-344-6405. 
  • For information and questions regarding scheduled dependency matters, call 610-344-6983. 
  • For information and questions regarding protection from abuse matters, call 610-344-5755.

Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court consists of dependency matters involving the Department of Children, Youth and Family and delinquency matters involving the Juvenile Probation Office

Dependency Court

Dependency Court is located on the 5th floor of the Chester County Justice Center, Suite 5301. Upon arrival, please check in at Suite 5204.. For questions, call 610-344-6983.

Children, Youth and Family Services are located in the Government Services Center, Suite 128. 610-344-5800.

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Delinquency Court

Juvenile Delinquency matters involve an allegation that a child committed a delinquent act. If your child has been charged with an offense, please contact the Juvenile Probation Office