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1. My friend / family member has an alcohol and/or drug problem; where can they go for help?
2. Where can I get a list of AA/NA meetings?
3. I think my child may be using drugs, what should I do?
4. I don't have any health insurance, how can I get treatment for myself or my family members substance abuse problem?
5. My health insurance will not pay for drug and alcohol treatment, what should I do?
6. I've been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI); what should I do?
7. Is drug and alcohol treatment confidential?
8. My church group is interested in a speaker to address alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues, can you tell me where to go for help.
9. My organization is sponsoring a health fair, where can I get pamphlets, brochures and other information regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to distribute?
10. What kind of help is there?
11. Who can get this help?
12. Where to Start?
13. What happens after the assessment?
14. Other questions?