Rules & Regulations

These Rules and Regulations reflect the full ordinances of Chester County Parks, - Sections 1 -42, adopted 2/20/96. Rules and Regulations are posted and available for review at any Chester County Park office. Rules are referenced by section number to the complete ordinance.

These rules and regulations are made pursuant to the provisions of the County Code (16 P.S. Sec. 2325, et. seq.) which authorize the policing, administration and public order of County grounds and buildings and Section 509 of the County Code (16 P.S. Sec 509) which permit the County Commissioners to adopt resolutions and ordinances "prescribing the manner in which the powers of the County shall be carried out and generally regulating the affairs of the County." Violation of any such rule shall subject the offender to those penalties as set forth in said ordinance at Section 40, "Penalties and arrests".

  1. Park permits are required for the use of pavilions, campsites and rental facilities. [Section 3]
  2. Park hours are 8 a.m. to sunset. [Section 4]
  3. Defacing or damaging park property including buildings, markers or monuments and/or disturbing or removing wildlife or vegetation is prohibited. [Sections 5-6]
  4. Fires are permitted only in fireplaces and other designated areas. [Section 1]
  5. Trapping, hunting, and /or possession of firearms are not permitted, except under special conditions established by the Department. [Section 9]
  6. Fishing is permitted only in designated waterways, lakes and ponds. PA Fish and Boat Commission laws apply. [Section 11]
  7. Swimming, ice-skating, and ice fishing are not permitted. [Sections 13 & 34]
  8. Boating in any park water area is strictly prohibited unless the boat is registered with the Department and the approved, required number of personal flotation devices are present and in good condition. [Section 14]
  9. Camping is restricted to designated campgrounds, which may be used only by campers and their guests. Campers are subject to special rules and regulations established by the Department. [Section 15]
  10. Vehicular cruising in, through, and around camping and picnic areas is not permitted. [Section 16]
  11. Motorized vehicles must be licensed and are restricted to roadways and are subject to special rules as specified in the comprehensive Real Estate Rules and Regulations, Section 17. Maximum speed in the parks is 15 mph. All vehicles are prohibited from unauthorized areas. No person shall park outside of designated areas or park in such a way as to block any fire lane, fire trail, camp site road, maintenance road, boat ramp or bike/ hike/horse trail. [Section 11]
  12. Horses are restricted to designated trails and unloading/parking areas. All hay, straw, and associated materials must be removed from the trailer area. [Section 18]
  13. Bicycles, roller skates and in-line skates may only be operated in designated areas. [Sections 19 & 34]
  14. Trespass onto county property not open to the public, or into any construction area, building, etc. is prohibited. [Section 20]
  15. Soliciting or peddling on county property is prohibited, except under special conditions established by the Department. [Section 21]
  16. Hindering, resisting or impersonating park employees is not permitted. [Sections 23 - 25]
  17. Possession of, or being under the influence of, any illegal drug, alcoholic beverage or controlled substance is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages may be permitted at private rental functions at Springton Manor and Hatfield House by approved contractual agreement. [Sections 26 & 27]
  18. Disorderly conduct such as intoxication, indecent language, excessive noise or indecent actions, is not permitted. [Section 28]
  19. Possession of fireworks and firearms is prohibited. Possession of a knife, hatchet or axe is prohibited unless present for an appropriate use while engaged in camping. [Sections 30 & 31]
  20. All refuse must be placed in receptacles provided. [Section 33]
  21. Pets are permitted, except in picnic areas. They must be restrained on a leash not exceeding six (6) feet in length, except at specified areas and under special conditions established by the Park Superintendent.[Section 35]
  22. Park users must abide by all signs.