Trail Inventory

Chester County Planning Commission initiated a County-wide trail inventory using Geographic Information System (GIS) in 2008. The trail inventory was compiled from adopted planning documents, and one on one trail meetings held in the last two years. The goal was to create an accurate and comprehensive trail catalog for trail planning, trail tracking and other planning purposes for the entire county. The inventory has been a huge success with your assistance and participation. Several successful trail planning efforts have been completed using this inventory and many more are underway. The data collected will continue to serve as a foundation for trail planning and help to identify potential future trail connections and networks between municipalities.

The County has developed a web-based program to assist in the update and review process of the trail inventory. An interactive-map will allow users (municipal representatives) to comment on the trail alignments within their municipality, as well as view other municipalities and their alignments.

When reviewing the trail inventory of your municipality, please use the tools to provide the following updates:

  • Edit alignments and/or attributes of a trail in the inventory
  • Recommend deletion of a trail in the inventory
  • Add a trail alignment that is not part of the inventory
Trails legend
Once this update has been completed by the user, the County will enter all data into the existing inventory, which in turn will update the interactive-map.

If there are any questions regarding the alignments within the inventory or the overall effort please contact Rachael Griffith by e-mail or phone (610-344-6285). If you need assistance with how to use the tools in the interactive map please refer to the help button. Thank you again for your assistance with this important effort.

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