Drug & Organized Crime Unit

The Chester County Drug & Organized Crime Unit (the "DOC Unit") handles major drug cases, gang prosecutions, and the investigation of other criminal organizations.  The DOC Unit disrupts and dismantles any major drug trafficking operations in Chester County or connected to Chester County.  The DOC Unit has convicted major dealers of cocaine (Operation Telaraña), methamphetamine (Operation Crushed Ice), and heroin/opioids (Operation Wildfire).  The DOC Unit attacks the link between violent crime and the drug trade, targeting the most violent criminal organizations to keep the streets safe.  The DOC Unit also assists local police departments with the investigation of drug crimes. The DOC Unit is paired with the District Attorney’s Drug Unit, prosecutors who specialize in drug cases. 

In addition, the DOC Unit coordinates the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (“HIDTA”) program and the Municipal Drug Task Force (“MDTF”) in Chester County.


The HIDTA program is a joint initiative between the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and the United States Department of Justice. The HIDTA program fuses Chester County Detectives together with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to attack high-level drug traffickers.  District Attorney Hogan has served as the Chair of Liberty Mid-Atlantic HIDTA, covering three states and addressing nationwide drug strategies.


The MDTF handles drug problems specific to Chester County. The MDTF is made up of police officers from local police departments, all with significant experience in drug investigations and with knowledge about local drug problems. The MDTF officers work with the DA’s DOC Unit to take down local drug dealers and gather crime-related intelligence across Chester County.