Goals & Objectives

  • To maintain proper accounting records and processes, accounts payable and other disbursements, as well as manage payroll and retirement benefits on behalf of county employees, former employees, and the citizens of Chester County.
  • To perform internal audits for county row offices in order to assess the adequacy of controls, legal contractual compliance and good business practices.
  • Prepare an easy to read summary of the comprehensive annual financial report and distribute to Chester County resident.
Primary Objectives
  • To provide functional guidance and knowledge transfer to all departments regarding fiscal control and timely recording of transactions.
  • To commence a project in cooperation with other departments leading to the publishing of an accounting manual for the county.
  • To conduct a performance audit of the Accounts Payable system.
  • To seek out and employ an Information Technology Auditor either on a part-time or contractual basis in order to review and evaluate computer security devices and internal controls.
  • To offer audit support and guidance as additional county offices implement the MAXIMUS Courtview system.
  • To continue to work with members of Dept. of Computing and Information Services in resolving audit issues within the Prison's Jailview system.