Upset Tax Sale Information

ATTENTION: Due to State-mandated restrictions on in-person gatherings, and at its discretion, the Chester County Tax Claim Bureau has continued the 9/14/2020 Upset Tax Sale of all advertised and subject properties. State-mandated restrictions permitting, the Continued Upset Tax Sale will be conducted at 12/14/2020 beginning at 10:00 a.m. in Room 351 of the Government Services Center at 601 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA.

Notice to Owners of Properties eligible for Upset Sale (2020) for Unpaid Taxes
On September 14, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) the Chester County Tax Claim Bureau will hold the 2020 Upset Sale of properties. The Sale will take place at 313 West Market Street, Suite 5102, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

THE UPSET PRICE includes the sum of:  (1) any tax liens in favor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; (2) the amount of the claim absolute and interest thereon on which the sale is being held; (3) amounts of any other tax claims or judgments due on such property together with interest on the judgment to the date of sale; (4) the total amount of all accrued taxes including taxes levied against the property for the current year, whether or not returned; (5) the amount of municipal claims on such property; and, (6) the record costs and costs of sale including pro rata costs of the publication of notice and costs of mail and posted notices in connection with the return of claim and mail and posted notices of sale.

After confirmation of the sale by the Court and payment of the Upset Price by the purchaser, a deed will be recorded in the name of the purchaser at the cost of the purchaser, which costs shall include any transfer taxes demanded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or other amounts appearing to be due in connection with the property being sold. 

Prior to the actual sale, any owner or lien creditor of record against a property may, at the option of the Tax Claim Bureau: (1) cause a property to be removed from the sale by payment in full of taxes which have become absolute and of all charges and interest due on such taxes up to the time of payment or (2) cause the sale against such property to be stayed by entering into a written installment agreement with the Tax Claim Bureau providing for immediate payment of twenty five (25%) percent of the amount due on all tax claims and tax judgments filed or entered against such property, together with interest and costs on the tax returned to date, which agreement shall provide for not more than three (3) installments for the balance due, all to be paid within one (1) year of the date of said agreement and which agreement shall meet the other requirements of the Real Estate Tax Sale Law.

Terms of Sale
The Purchaser of any property at the Upset Sale shall pay to the Tax Claim Bureau the entire purchase money on the date of sale, no later than 3:30 p.m.; and in case said amount is not paid, the sale shall be voided and the property put up for sale again.  All sales are subject to confirmation by the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County.  All sales are under and subject to the provisions of the Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law Act of July 7, 1947, P.L. 1368, No. 542 as amended and to such conditions as may be announced at the sale. 
The Bureau makes no warranty, guarantee or representation with respect to the accuracy of descriptions or ownership of any property or with respect to procedural irregularities.  The Bureau makes no warranty whatsoever regarding the condition of property sold at tax sale. 
The Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law does not provide for redemption of a property after sale of such property has taken place.

The listed parcels are subject to the Upset Sale of September 14, 2020.  Subsequent payments in full of 2018 and prior taxes will remove listed parcel(s) from the Upset Sale.

2020 Upset Sale List