Tick Control Stations

Lyme disease is a serious health concern in Chester County. The Facilities & Parks Department is taking proactive steps to protect the public.

In November 2015, the ranger staff first placed the 4-poster tick control stations at Warwick County Park. Another was added at Nottingham County Park in November 2017. These devices work by luring deer and other wildlife in with corn.

Permethrin, a tickicide, is placed on the rollers and applied to the animals as they feed. This tickicide is commonly found in products meant for people and is not absorbed into the body.

This system is used nationwide and has been shown to effectively control disease-spreading tick populations. 

With the success of this pilot program and additional funding from the 
Parks’ Friends groups, tick control stations will be implemented at all County parks

For more information about Lyme disease, please visit the Chester County Health Department website. If you would like to implement this system on your property, or have questions about it, please contact Warwick County Park at 610-469-1916. 

Rollers on Tick Control Station-web.jpg
Deer at Feeder-web.jpg
Nottingham Feeder.JPG