Bathymetric Map of Chambers Lake at Hibernia County Park

This bathymetric map illustrates the lake bed of Chambers Lake at Hibernia County Park in Chester County, PA. Darker colors on the map indicate deeper areas of the lake. The black lines are submerged contour lines at 2 foot intervals. When the lines are close together, the lake bed is very steep and where the lines are further apart, the slope of the lake bed is fairly gradual. The shallow, nearly flat area shown at the southwest edge of the lake is a constructed wetland with a typical depth of one to two feet.  Click on the map image below to view, download or print the map.
Bathymetric Map of Chambers Lake at Hibernia County Park

About Chambers Lake

Chambers Lake is a 90-acre, 384 million gallon water supply reservoir and regional flood control facility of the Chester County Water Resources Authority. In addition to this water supply storage, Hibernia Dam provides 260 million gallons of available flood storage. The maximum depth in the lake is approximately 44 feet at the approach to the concrete riser near the dam.

The lake was formed by the construction of Hibernia Dam on Birch Run to provide a supplemental source of local drinking water and needed flood control for the Brandywine Creek watershed. The lake also offers excellent recreational opportunities, especially fishing, boating, hiking and bird watching. 

In September 1996, the lake was officially dedicated Chambers Lake, in memory of J. Franklin Chambers, the first superintendent of Hibernia County Park.

Learn more about fishing, boating, hiking and other recreational activities at the Chambers Lake page on the Chester County Parks web site.

Source of Bathymetric Map

The map image was developed and published by the U.S. Geological Survey based on a survey conducted in September 2014. The survey was done by wading through shallow areas of the lake with hand-held surveying equipment and by using boat-mounted acoustic doppler technology where the lake is too deep to wade. The USGS collected over 151,000 points to develop the map with an additional 14,250 quality-assurance points collected.

A full description of the methodology, quality assurance, results and references are included in U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3346.
Citation: Gyves, M.C., 2015, Bathymetry and Capacity of Chambers Lake, Chester County, Pennsylvania: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations
Map 3346,