Data Report Requests

The County of Chester is able to offer several electronic data reports to serve your business and personal needs.

All standard report formats are custom generated based on the specifications provided by the requestor. Electronic data requests require a contract that will be sent to you based on your request. Our billing rates are calculated based on the primary output method for the report; some reports may be available in more than 1 format.

For additional information or to place a request, please email

Manipulatable Reports
Several reports are available in formats that allow the requestor to restructure or import data to another program. The most common report presentation form is Excel. Txt and csv files may also be available. These reports are billed at the rate of $0.0525 per record with a minimum fee of $52.50 for 1000 records or less.

Reports containing Department of Assessment Information are billed at this rate; they may be available as an xlsx, txt or csv file. A full characteristics file from Assessment for the County may be purchased for a flat fee of $1050 for a txt file; it will mailed to you or you may pick it up in our office.

Billing Customer Files are available to produce tax bills for each municipality, school district or the entire county and contain a pre-determined set of Assessment data related to each parcel.

Custom Home Sales (please specify a time frame, municipality or countywide, and provide a detailed description of what you’re looking for).

Delinquent Tax Reports are available for the county taxes or by municipality or school district.

Judgment Reports are available for all Judgments, Federal Tax Liens only, Commonwealth only or all but Federal and Commonwealth (please specify a time frame).

Real Estate Interims

Mortgage Foreclosure Report (please specify a time frame)

Non-Manipulatable Reports
These reports may only be available as a pdf or may be one of the above reports. Tax Bills (at a per parcel rate) and the Extended Tax Duplicate Report for municipalities are available exclusively as pdfs.

Custom reports outside of the listed reports will be reviewed for resource availability; billable programming time may be required.

Payment for Data Report Requests for all new requestors must be received in advance of data transmittal. Most data reports are small enough to be emailed. If you prefer, you may also request your file be mailed. Larger files must be burned on a cd and mailed to you; additional charges such as postage may be required.

For individual or smaller data requests, please consider ChescoPIN (fee based remote subscription service including civil court records and more) and/or ChescoViews (includes free Assessment data) or visit/call the office holding the record.