There is a Watershed Coordinator position in every county in Pennsylvania. The position is partially funded by the PA Department of Environmental Protection through Growing Greener Grant funding.

The Watershed Coordinator works with watershed associations, conservation groups and organizations, municipalities, corporations, and individual landowners to provide assistance in conserving their watersheds. The job responsibilities and activities include:
  • Writing grants
  • Assisting watershed associations by securing grants for various projects, conservation Best Management Practices (BMPs) implementation, stream restoration and stabilization
  • Organizing and implementing field activities such as planting and maintaining riparian buffers, retrofitting and maintaining stormwater basins, and streambank stabilization
  • Providing educational activities on watershed conservation for schools, special groups, and the general public
  • Designing watershed conservation plans
  • Enlisting and coordinating partnerships activities for watershed conservation plans and projects
  • Assisting conservation staff with agriculture and urban conservation activities as needed


How to Name a Stream

For more information contact:
Corinne (Cori )Trice
Watershed Coordinator
(610) 455-1384
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