Use of Powered Mobility Devices

The regional and internal park trails operated by the Chester County Facilities and Parks were designed and constructed for commuting and passive recreation users including hikers,  dog walkers, runners, bicyclists, and those with disabilities using manual or powered wheelchairs
and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD’s) Each trail varies in surface material, terrain,  width, elevation, user types and user volume. Trail users have come to expect and enjoy a safe, relaxed, quiet experience, free of motorized vehicles,with the exception of
those being driven by Chester County staff and emergency personnel. While the use of OPDMD's on certain trails may at first be disturbing to traditional trail users, we believe that trail use by persons with mobility disabilities will provide an opportunity for a segment of the
population that previously was unable to experience the trails to now enjoy these exceptional facilities and assets in Chester County.  In an effort to best serve the citizens of Chester  County and specifically those using regional and certain internal park trails the following policy
has been developed:

  1. Any authorized individual may receive a permit to operate an OPDMD on the trails or in the parks for disability purposes. A qualified individual may apply and be issued a permit by the Chester County Facilities and Parks Department (CCFPD) for use of a power driven mobility device in designate areas as determined by CCFPD.
  2. An individual may qualify t o use an OPDMD on the trails or in a County park by presenting a valid, state‐issued handicapped placard or a disabled veteran's card, or a note from physician.
  3. Application for a permit may be made by contacting a park facility office. It is recommended that application for a permit be made at least 72 hours before intended use.
  4. The person who has obtained the permit must be present in the device during use.
  5. All mobility devices must be pre‐approved.
  6. Approved devices are restricted to a maximum vehicle width of 40”, an electric motor of 48 volts or less, internal combustion engines not permitted.
  7. Speed is limited to 15 miles per hour. Devices will not create excessive noise. 
  8. Limitations may be placed on the use of trails based on weather conditions. The precise limitations are open to discussion based on specific safety concerns that may be posed by inclement weather. 
  9. Restrictions may be placed on the use of a fuel‐operated OPDMD if such a device would negatively impact the environment.
  10. Permitted individuals are required to follow trail use safety, restrictions, and user etiquette.
  11. An issued permit is non‐transferrable and must be prominently displayed on the mobility device. 
  12. The permit will be valid for the one calendar year.
  13. If no longer needed, or the mobility device has changed, the permit will be returned to the park office where it was originally issued.
  14. Violation of the rules contained herein, and/or violation of any other Chester County Facilities Parks real estate rules and regulations, will result in loss of permit and riding privileges.  
  15. Use of OPDMD is limited to days and hours of operation which may vary from park to park and trial locations. Inquire at specific park or trail site as scheduled events or trail conditions may preclude use of OPDMD. 
  16. Current facilities open for use by Power Driven Mobility Devices for the Disabled are generally open from 8:00 a.m. to sunset and permits are issued on a case by case basis