Tips for a Successful Write-In Campaign

  • Due to the type of election equipment used in Chester County, Voter Services does not recommend the use of stickers (or stamps, etc) for write-in campaigns.
  • It is recommended that write-in candidates hand out palm cards with their name clearly visible and ask the voter to copy the candidate name onto the paper ballot on the line provided for write-in candidates for that race.
  • Black ink is the recommended  color of ink to be used on the Chester County ballot.
  • All candidates, including write-in candidates, must abide by the Campaign Expenditure Act.
  • All advertising and signage must clearly state who paid for it. See the campaign finance section of our website for more information.
  • Write-in candidates should check to see if an Ethics Statement is also required to be filed for that contest. In most cases, it is.
  • Write-in candidates should provide Voter Services with a written request for accumulation of write-in votes (AKA Letter of Accumulation). There is no official form for this. This is a letter from the candidate stating the race they are running for, and a list of the various names/spellings they would like to be counted for them. Consider first initial last name, nicknames, common misspellings of last name, etc. Such votes are then likely credited to the write-in candidate.
  • The letter needs to be addressed to Voter Services, signed by the candidate and notarized. Voter Services needs to receive the original, notarized copy filed no later than 4:30 pm the Friday after the election. It can be mailed or hand delivered. Either way, it needs to physically received (not post marked) in our office by that Friday before 4:30pm.