Program Funding

The Departments of Aging and Public Welfare, as well as the federal government, are the primary funding sources for services. The County of Chester and private contributions supplement these sources. Some consumers are required to share in the cost of services based on their financial resources and amount of services received.

About 64% of all funding received is in the form of the Regular Block Grant. These state funds have traditionally supported the wide variety of assessment, care management, and in-home services provided.

In addition to the Regular Block Grant, there are other PDA Grants that provide for specific services or programs (29%). Examples include the Over 60 Waiver and Family Caregiver Programs, as well as the Assessment and Attendant Care services.

The county support comes in the form of an annual cash contribution (5%).

Lastly, there are miscellaneous sources including federal, state, or local program income, as well as revenue from cost sharing (2%).

Figures Graph

Below is a graph of how these figures break down:
A graph displaying funding information