Commissioners' Priorities & Goals:


Protect vulnerable people and valuable resources in the community while promoting healthy, environmentally sound, choices.

Improve Community Health

By 2019, 75 percent of the goals identified by the RoadMAPP to Health county-wide community health assessment will be supported by being incorporated into County departmental strategic plans.

Citizen Benefit:

The RoadMAPP community health survey was a comprehensive study which brought to light many health challenges facing the county. Supporting the goals that came from the study will lead to improved health for county communities.

Maintain Healthiest County Status

By 2019, Chester County will maintain the rank of #1 Healthiest County in Pennsylvania.

Citizen Benefit:

Having Chester County ranked as the healthiest in PA is a point of pride for the community. This award brings attention to the importance the County and its citizenry places on striving for a healthy community and the efforts made towards reaching that number one rank.

Promote Physical Health

By 2019, the County will demonstrate its promotion of each person maintaining his or her physical health by: 

  • Reduce by 1 percent the proportion of adults reporting “No Leisure Time Physical Activity in Past Month”,
  • Increase by 3 percent the regular physical activity among Chester County residents,
  • Reduce by 1 percent the proportion of children and youth who are overweight or obese.

Citizen Benefit:

Citizens will ultimately benefit by experiencing overall better health, including the: reduced risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, colon cancer and diabetes; maintenance of healthy bones, muscles and joints; reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression along with improvements in mood and feelings of well-being; control of weight, development of lean muscle and reduced body fat.

Health and Human Services Outreach

By 2019, there will be a 20 percent increase in County health and human service oriented community events promoting awareness of available County services.

Citizen Benefit:

The County offers a myriad of services that many do not know about, or even look for, until they need them. By coordinating the outreach efforts of the County’s health and human services related departments and agencies more citizens will receive a wider variety of information on County services so that they may become informed before a crisis situation occurs.

Support the System of Care

By 2019, there will be a 20 percent increase in the percentage of families graduating from the System of Care Youth and Family Teams.

Citizen Benefit:

The system of care brings together the individual, family, providers and interim caregivers. This coordinated effort to care for an individual leads to better, more targeted care, reduced costs and has been shown to bring about successful outcomes.

Manage Stormwater and Flooding

By 2019, 100 percent of county municipalities will have implemented the County-wide Stormwater Management Plan ordinance provisions.

Citizen Benefit:

Managing stormwater reduces the impacts of runoff and flooding, avoiding or lessening damage to infrastructure, harm to the environment and threat to public safety.

Improve Water Quality

By 2019, at least 0.3 percent (2 miles) of county impaired streams will qualify for re-evaluation by the PA Department of Environmental Protection for de-listing of at least one pollution impairment.

Citizen Benefit:

Improving and protecting the quality of streams in the county provides clean water, preserves natural habitats and reduces flood issues. The improvement of local streams leads to an improvement in the health of the regional watershed ultimately impacting the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.

Preserve Soil Quality

By 2019, an additional 2.8 percent (9,000 acres) of Chester County’s unique Prime Agricultural (class 1, 2, and/or 3) soils will be preserved.

Citizen Benefit:

Proper management and preservation of the County’s Prime Agricultural soils will protect their agricultural productivity for current and future agricultural operators.

Air Quality Outreach

By 2019, Chester County’s metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CDE) values will remain constant or be reduced (includes kWh, heating fuel, and natural gas usage at County facilities, fuel usage in County vehicles, and recycling efforts).

Citizen Benefit:

The County has taken great strides to reduce its energy usage. Since 2010, electricity usage has been decreased by over 30 percent due to many conservation efforts at our various facilities. The County will continue to monitor the carbon footprint of its facilities and maintain energy conservation methods. Outreach programs will be put in place to inform the public and businesses of air quality issues, energy conservation programs and improvement options.

Ensure safe and secure communities.

Maintain Rapid 9-1-1 Response

By 2019, 90 percent or more of 9-1-1 calls received will be dispatched within 2 minutes.

Citizen Benefit:

Rapid response and dispatching insures first responders go into action and arrive on the scene faster which improves the overall safety of the community.

Ensure a Safe Community

By 2019, the rate of crime in Chester County will remain constant or be reduced.

Citizen Benefit:

Though day-to-day policing is under the jurisdiction of local municipal law enforcement, the County provides support, training and forensic services to our local law enforcement partners influencing the overall rate of crime. Lower crime rates indicate a safer community, making the county more able to attract and retain businesses, draw new residents and maintain good property values.

Advance Technology Use

By 2019, the County will advance technology use such that:
  • Access 9-1-1 via text messaging will be available to 100 percent of Chester County citizens,
  • 100 percent of the emergency responders in Chester County will have access to a modern voice radio system that will provide industry standard 3.4 Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ) throughout at least 97 percent of the county.

Citizen Benefit:

Using state of the art technology helps to maintain the rapid response time citizens have come to expect, while offering citizens an additional way to interact with 9-1-1.

Enhance Capability of Public Safety Professionals

By 2019, the County will attract, train, and/or retain quality personnel and volunteers, in sufficient numbers, to ensure the public safety of Chester County residents, as evidenced by: 
  • 100 percent of the law enforcement officers in Chester County will have access to a modern indoor firing range at the Public Safety Training Campus,
  • 100 percent of Chester County’s law enforcement Emergency Response Teams will have developed coordinated response tactics and training,
  • 100 percent of County prosecutors will receive ethics and specialized training,
  • 100 percent of County detectives will receive forensic training to better investigate technological crime and enable prosecution,
  • Improve by 25 percent the retention of volunteer emergency responders,
  • Increase by 25 percent the coordinated county-wide recruiting efforts for volunteer emergency responders.

Citizen Benefit:

Citizen safety is insured when the county has well trained law enforcement and emergency service providers in sufficient numbers.

Support the growth and development of a strong and vibrant economy for all residents.

Business Financing

By 2019, $1 million from a new revolving loan fund/loan guarantee program will be available to invest in 10 - 20 start up/early stage Chester County companies and Chester County will have a county-wide network of venture capitalists/angel investors with $1 million to invest in 10-20 start-up/early stage Chester County companies.

Citizen Benefit:

Fostering entrepreneurship and supporting the growth of new businesses in Chester County will help to build a robust local economy.

Generate Employment

By 2019, customized workforce advisory services in Chester County, targeted at the full range of current and future job seekers, will see an increase of 25 percent in the number of companies engaged with County workforce programs designed to connect those looking for jobs with employment opportunities.

Citizen Benefit:

Connecting county job seekers with local companies will lead to higher rates of employment.

Promote Tourism

By 2020, Chester County will be recognized as the premier Mid-Atlantic destination, as evidenced by:
  • 30% increase in the economic impact of visitor spending in the County directly related to tourism
  • 5% increase in lodging occupancy
  • 90% overall guest satisfaction rating

Citizen Benefit:

Tourism is valuable to the Chester County economy in bringing people here to lodge, dine, shop and visit our scenic and historic locations.

Grow Agriculture

By 2019, agriculture will continue to provide Chester County the unique opportunity to enhance quality of life while contributing significantly to business growth by achieving a 10 percent increase in the market value of agricultural production in the county.

Citizen Benefit:

Agriculture is the largest industry in Chester County and is an important economic sector offering jobs and products to county communities.

Enhance access to, and use of, transportation systems to reduce traffic congestion.

Improve Transportation Infrastructure

By 2019, there will be improved transportation infrastructure achieved by the County advocating for an increase in transportation funding in Chester County of 25 percent.

Citizen Benefit


Maintaining and improving the County’s bridges will insure safe conditions for county drivers.

Address Traffic Congestion

By 2019, there will be a 10 percent decrease in time spent to travel 15 miles on Major Highways within the County.

Citizen Benefit:

Decreasing travel times on major highways means shorter commutes for county drivers, offers businesses faster transport time for products and helps the environment by lessening the use of fuel.

Create Transportation Choices

By 2019, there will be improved transportation choices as expressed by a 15 percent increase of residents using means other than a single occupant vehicle (such as walking, biking, carpooling, or transit) for transportation to work.

Citizen Benefit:

Increasing transportation choices will lead to decreased congestion and help those without a single occupant vehicle to achieve mobility. County efforts to link sidewalks and trails in a broader network, support improved transit facilities, promote carpooling, and promote mixed-use development and other land use patterns that support reduced trips and trip length can all improve transportation choices for residents.

Manage growth and land use to preserve and optimize the quality of life in the community.

Protect Open Space

By 2019, 30 percent of Chester County will be protected in an interconnected network of open space that includes farms, parks, and preserves, consistent with Landscapes2.

Citizen Benefit:

Open space in the form of farms, parks, and preserves is a critical part of the character of Chester County and adds to the quality of life for residents. Ensuring that open lands are preserved in perpetuity, and that those lands form an interconnected network, benefits residents, water quality, and wildlife habitat.

Support Growth, Revitalization & Workforce Housing Opportunities

By 2019, the urban centers consisting of the City and 15 boroughs will have additional tax ratables and a 7 percent increase in the value of property assessments through improved planning, significant investments in public infrastructure, and the addition of workforce housing, consistent with Landscapes2.

Citizen Benefit:

Chester County’s support of growth and revitalization in county urban centers helps in the preservation of farmland and open space while revitalizing blighted areas and rejuvenating town centers. Investments in public infrastructure such as sewer, water, sidewalks, lighting, streets and transit, improves property values while enhancing public safety and the overall quality of life. The addition of workforce housing brings new tax ratables while offering needed affordable housing options.

Enhance Community Facilities

By 2019, increase access to facilities such as community centers, libraries, public parks, and recreational assets in proportion to the growing population and changing demographics.

Citizen Benefit:

Facilities such as libraries, public parks, and trails are the face of the County of Chester to many and form the core of neighborhoods and communities. These facilities provide critical services and add to the quality of life of residents.

Continue to exercise sound financial management and maintain the County’s financial strength while minimizing the property tax burden.

Maintain Financial Strength 

By 2019, the County will maintain strong financial operations, through responsible fiscal policy, as evidenced by:
  • Maintaining a working capital reserve equal to 10% of the subsequent year’s adopted General Fund expenditures 
  • Maintaining the highest bond rating (Aaa/AAA) 
  • 100% of financial reporting requirements will continue to be met 
  • 90% of financial audit recommendations will be adopted

Efficient Management of County Tax Revenues 

By 2019, the County will continue to provide efficient and accurate real property valuation, tax roll certification, and tax collection services, as evidenced by:
  • Maintain the rate of tax collections to tax levy at 98% or more
  • The rate of delinquent taxes to tax levy will remain at or below 1.5%

Prudent Procurement Practices

By 2019, those goods and services necessary for departments to conduct county business will continue to be purchased at a competitive cost, as evidenced by:
  • At least 10% of the time, cost increases  will be at or below the Consumer Price Index
  • At least 10% of all contract extensions provide goods and/or services at the same or lower cost
Pursue excellence through exceptional customer service, transparency, accountability, and innovation.

Improve Organizational Performance 

By 2019, organizational performance will be part of the culture of the County, as evidenced by:
  • 85% or more of Activity Results will meet or exceed expectations
  • 60% or more of Department Goals  will be achieved by target date
  • 99% of employees will be able to correlate their job performance to department and organizational goals

Efficient Delivery of Public Records

By 2019, excellence in the provision of public records services will be maintained, as evidenced by:
  • 100% of public records will continue to be managed and made available in compliance with State and County guidelines
  • Maintain prompt customer service for Open Records Requests 
  • Maintain appropriate and timely access to public records 

Commitment to Citizen Communication

By 2019, the County will continue to demonstrate a commitment to reaching citizens by active, accurate, and timely communication efforts, as evidenced by:
  • 15% increase in social media engagement
  • 75% uptake of press releases issued 
  • Maintain online access to prompt, accurate public meeting notices, agendas, and minutes

Investing in Leadership and Succession 

By 2019, the County will  attract, develop, and retain a diverse, high-performing workforce, and build an effective succession plan, as evidenced by:
  • 30% of employees will participate in ongoing training opportunities to improve performance
  • 80% of managers/supervisors will participate in ongoing training opportunities designed to build management related skills
  • 70% of County departments will have employees who are engaged in the County’s Leadership Development Training initiative