What are the types of deaths investigated by the Coroner's Office?
  • Deaths resulting from violence or trauma
  • Suicide deaths
  • Sudden deaths where cause is not recognizable or cannot be certified by a physician based upon recent medical assistance
  • Deaths occurring under suspicious circumstances (drugs, alcohol, or other toxins)
  • Stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths 
  • Deaths of unidentified or unclaimed persons 
  • Deaths in police custody
  • Deaths related to reportable communicable diseases 
  • Multiple fatality deaths
  • Fire deaths
  • Any questionable deaths

Also, refer to the Pennsylvania Coroner Statues which will also provide a full list of deaths investigated as well as other responsibilities and definitions in reference to the Coroner's Office.

Pennsylvania Coroner's Statues

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1. What does the Coroner's Office do?
2. What are the types of deaths investigated by the Coroner's Office?
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