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Introduction to Law Enforcement Officers Carrying Firearms in the Chester County Justice Center

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  4. While we recommend you use our photo service to ensure your photo meets all requirements, you may submit a photo yourself. If you have a hatless ID Card Photo from your agency you may upload that photo, or if you have a hatless Passport style photo of yourself without sunglasses, you may submit that. Dressed in your department’s uniform or dressed in business casual attire is acceptable. Hand-held self-portraits are not acceptable. Photos may not be digitally enhanced or altered to change your appearance in any way.

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  6. Disclaimer*

    I have completed this online introduction. I have read and understand the Chester County policy and procedure regarding circumstances in which I will be permitted to carry my department issued handgun within the confines of the Chester County Justice Center. I understand that I am required to complete the on-site orientation at the Chester County Justice Center prior to receiving a Firearms Clearance Card.

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