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1. What law governs the conduct of Bingo?
2. Who can apply for and be granted a Bingo License?
3. Are there different types of licenses?
4. What is the fee for the various licenses?
5. How long is a license valid?
6. Can an eligible association permit its license to be used by another association to play bingo?
7. How does an association establish that it is an association as defined by the Law?
8. What does the association do once it has completed its application for a license and prepared the necessary accompanying documentation?
9. Can anyone from the association bring the application and documentation to the Treasurer’s Office?
10. Will documentation that must accompany a license application be returned?
11. Must the association provide the documentation listed on Page 2 of the application each time application is made for a license.
12. Once issued can a Bingo License be revoked?
13. Who investigates violations of the Bingo Law?
14. Do some municipalities prohibit bingo?
15. Where can bingo be played?
16. Are their age restrictions on who can play bingo?
17. Can anyone conduct bingo for an association?
18. Can members of the association be paid or compensated for conducting bingo for the association?
19. Can a bona fide member of the association who is under 18 years of age conduct bingo for the association?
20. Are there restrictions on advertising bingo?
21. Must an association maintain records concerning its conduct of bingo?
22. Are there limitations on what an association may use the proceeds of bingo for?
23. Are there limits on prizes?
24. Are there limits on how often an association can conduct bingo?